Top 5 Spring Break quotes


2014 Spring Break: 2 weeks with my 12 year-old son and 10 year-old daughter.  No travel plans, which means we were given the blessing of entertaining each other. Here are five conversations that pop into my mind when I reminisce on our time together. 🙂


5. One morning, my son shouted out from the shower, “Mom! There are no washcloths in here! Will you get me one?”

My husband and I looked fondly at one another. “Aww,” my husband said. “He really does wash when he’s in the shower.”


4.  Late one afternoon, my son came out of his room with his iPod. Hesitantly, he said, “Er, mom? You know how you helped me download all those songs? Well, I don’t think the big letter “E” next to the song title meant “Edited”.”

(*for the record, I assumed that it was common knowledge that all Eminem songs had explicit lyrics and that only the ones that were edited would be marked. See? E for Edited?!?  Whatever.)


3. My daughter decided to shout out the window of my car at the top of her lungs as we drove out of the Meijer parking lot – “YOU’RE NOT HAPPY!!!  I’M HAPPY!!! … AND PHARRELL!!”

(and now I have yet another reason to shop at Kroger.)


2. In an irritated moment during a drive to the movie theater, I said to my son, “I brought you into this world and I will take you out!”

My son replied, “You can’t kill me. There’ll be evidence and Bones and Booth will hunt you down!”

(For future reference, this is NOT the appropriate response to your mother when she is already irritated at you.)


and finally,

1. From the time it took me to load groceries in the back of the car (not at Meijer, by the way) to the moment I climbed into the driver’s seat, my daughter, sitting shotgun, had taken a random, blank piece of paper and completely destroyed it – tearing it and wadding it up in a fit.  Confused, I asked, “Why did you do that to that piece of paper?”

Her reply: “Because I knew I could and no one said that I shouldn’t.”

Kind of hard to argue that logic. 😉


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