Returning to Random


Here’s the deal with this blog: I enjoy keeping track of my everyday life.  My writing, my kids, my overly mundane existence.  I’ve never done the scrap-booking thing or any other real recording of my family’s lives.  (No baby books, no special drawer of school crafts or drawings –  I’m not even good at taking pictures of those must-remember moments that all mothers cherish.)  So I started this blog as a way to record some of the amusing, special, and monumental moments that I didn’t want to forget and that I wanted to share with friends and family.  And I really enjoyed keeping it up to date … until my first book got published.

Don’t get me wrong, when NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED came out in 2012, it wasn’t like it was released as a national best-seller or anything.  But it was my first anything ever published and it was HUGE for me as a writer.  I developed an author webpage that readers could follow and where I could keep track of my writing separately from this blog.  After all, no one who didn’t actually know me would ever be interested in my kids’ first days of school or the home repairs I was dealing with when my garage broke again, right?

Reality hit me at my first book signing in New York.  The event was amazing to say the least – author dinners, publisher cocktail parties, book signing – all super cool and super overwhelming.  But the moment that really knocked the breath out of me was when a librarian from Wisconsin who also ran a popular review blog handed me a copy of my book to sign and said, “My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, too, but she was a teen when she was diagnosed.  How is your girl doing with it being so young?  Is she still able to do her cheerleading?”

That was the moment I realized that as long as I was going to be a published writer my privacy would be diminished.  People would read my personal blog or browse the pictures on my Facebook page.  I freaked.  I turned off my Facebook account, shut down this blog, I think I even started deleting pictures from my PC.  If people wanted to know about me and my books, great!  But my kids? No way.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that as long as I wanted to continue being a published author, hiding myself from every social and media site just wasn’t feasible.  Of course I had to Facebook.  Of course I had to Tweet.  And of course I had to blog.

It’s been over a year now since I stopped this blog and, honestly, I missed sharing some of the funny stories that my kids and I produce in our daily lives.  I want to continue writing about my incredible family and our strange and ordinary encounters and I want to do it through this fun blog that I started more than three years ago.  I’m just a little safer about it now.

So Random Megan is back online and, hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy sharing my little life anecdotes as much as I did before.  And, hopefully, you will enjoy them, too. 😀


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