Morning distraction


On the way to school this morning, I pulled up to the drop-off line and sighed heavily.

“Are you okay, Mom?” my 7yo daughter asked.

“It’s just been a long week, sweetie,” I replied then glanced at her in the rearview mirror.  “Want to tell me a joke or something to take my mind off of it?”

She sat forward in her seat, eager now.  “Okay, okay – why did the chicken cross the road?”

I smiled a little.  “Why?”

“So he could eat another chicken.”

“The chicken crossed the road to eat another chicken?  That’s disgusting.”

“I know,” she said, “But then, the chicken got confused because he thought that he was actually his twin brother so he ended up eating himself.  There was blood and feathers all over the road…”

“R! That’s horrible!”

She smiled.  “Yeah, but you aren’t thinking about your long week any more, are you?”

Right, because now I have a whole other set of worries to think about.


About Megan Powell

Coffee loving, boo-boo kissing, mom and fan-girl who also happens to be the author of Urban Fantasy novels, NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED and its sequel, NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED. Check out my upcoming releases at

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