You had no sin.  No prejudice, no judgement.  No frustration over other’s actions that had nothing to do with you.  No hate.  You wasted not a single moment thinking how you could change a situation to better serve yourself.  You had no spite.  Not once did you hold back tears because of embarrassment or shame.  You never cared how your reactions were perceived by others.  You held no insecurity.

You were love.  Simple and unconditional.  The kind that hugs just because you feel like it, laughs because kisses sometimes tickle.  You smiled when others smiled.  You saw the faces closest to you and fascinated at every expression.  You saw the world around you, and you didn’t care that it was full of things you didn’t understand.  You awed in every feel, every smell, every new sight and sound. Your eyes wide to every new amazement.  You loved.

My heart clenches at your absence. But looking at the world the way you saw it – I can’t help but smile.  I will have moments of heartache, moments of sorrow, of confusion.  Of anger.  I pray that in those moments, I will not dwell too long on what might have been.  But rather rejoice in what was.  Love.


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