Conversations with R


It’s been a while – gotta love the way life seems to interrupt the important things like blogging time – but some things I just have to share.

R (6yo) – Mom, do olives move?

Me – Olives? Er, no, they’re food.  They don’t move unless you move them.

R – So olives don’t move at all?

Me (trying desperately to think of an instance where an olive would actually move on its own) – No, sweetie, olives don’t move.  They just sit there until you eat them.

Silence.  I glance in the rearview mirror to see R has moved to the edge of her seat, her face intense.

Me – Er, sweetie, whatcha doing?

R – I’m being still like an olive.

Is there anything more fabulous than the mind of a child?


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