Goal check time


Last time I updated my goals was back in August.  And I think I missed a month before that.  I could hem-haw about time-wasters and a busy schedule, but why bother.  Let’s just get back to it:)

Goal 1. Write a second novel – Revisions are underway!  I had a slight interruption for about four or five weeks where I focused on digging deeper into the requested revisions for my first novel.  It took some time, but those revisions are now back in the hands of my agent-extrordinaire, Joanna.  Time to refocus on this second novel once again.  I know, the revising seems unending.  And in a lot of ways it is.  But revisions are a HUGE part of the process, and I am fortunate to have received requests for specific changes.  No complaints here on the necessary side-tracking.  With this second novel, I’m making revisions based on feedback I’ve received from my writer’s group and other first-round readers who are equally invaluable.  Over all, this goal remains pretty much on track.  My plan is to turn in the viable first draft to my agent within the next month.  Woo-hoo on this one:)

Goal 2. More focused time with the kids –  The start of the school year has brought with it many new challenges.  For example, I now only have a couple of hours between when the kids get home from school and when I have to start working my evening editing job.  Add on top of that homework, sports practices, tutoring, and playing with friends and it doesn’t leave much time for the whole mother-child bonding thing.  Now, I am really working to make sure that the minutes I do have with them count.  Most nights, this includes nothing more than  talking about our days while I make dinner.  But hey, I’ll take the bonding where I can get it:)

Goal 3. Publish 1 article a week for examiner.com – This is being removed from my list of goals because, as of last week, I have officially resigned from this website.  It was a cordial resignation with an open opportunity to return, but it really wasn’t the type of writing I am interested in pursuing.  Additionally, the pay was practically non-existent.  And with a lack of incentives, my writing started to suffer.  Maybe I’ll pick up with examiner.com again someday, but for now, I’ll just focus on the fantasy novel stuff.

Goal 4. Develop a self-marketing platform – Back to status quo on this one.  Lately, though, I’ve wanted to do a bit more on this front.  Especially with the blog.  I love that I’ve had this outlet to vent and write about my pursuits and what-not.  But now I want a bit more.  More links, maybe a review now and then, who knows.  But this is something I’m really going to work on during these remaining months of 2010.

So that’s where I’m at.  Still going, still trying, still writing and working on my life.  It’s an ongoing process, but I’m glad I’ve kept these goals to keep me on some sort of track.  So until next time, take care and good luck on your own personal goals:)


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