Goal check-up: better late than never


I’ve neglected my blog.  More than that, I’ve nearly completely ignored the poor thing.  I could give excuses about a packed calendar and time slipping away, but I won’t.  My husband once told me that ‘I didn’t have the time’ wasn’t a real excuse because time is truly the one thing that absolutely everyone has the exact same amount of.  Instead, I won’t waste another moment dwelling on how I should have spent my unscheduled hours.  Let’s just get to it:)

Goal 1. Write a second novel – I can officially check this one off.  In the several weeks that I bit my nails waiting for my super-agent Joanna to give me feedback on my manuscript submissions, I distracted myself by completing the first draft of a second novel.  A comic-mystery, the book is definitely in the first draft stages, but I did manage to get the 51,000 words down on paper.  Now I need to decide if my time will be better spent revising that first draft, or working further on the next WIP.  Decisions, decisions.

Goal 2. More focused time with the kids – This summer was all about the kids, whether I wanted it to be or not.  (This is what I was doing these last couple months instead of blogging and writing) It could be argued that I over-commited the kids this summer – swim lessons, basketball and cheer camps, gymnastics, soccer camps, VBS, tutoring, etc. – but looking back, I’m glad I did it that way.  The kids loved having something to do everyday in addition to playing with their neighbor friends and just hanging out at home.  They are such cool individuals and I loved spending so much time with them.  All-in-all, a great summer with the kids!

Goal 3. Publish 1 article a week for examiner.com – Suffice it to say that my blog wasn’t the only thing neglected these summer months.  In fact, I neglected my Community Sports column so much that my boss asked if I still wanted the title.  I agreed to step it up and get back in the groove with a new article last week and one in the works for this week.  Let’s hope I can keep that momentum going;)

Goal 4. Develop a self-marketing platform – Yeah, fell short this one, too.  Ignored the blog, ignored the twitter – not exactly the necessary activity to strengthen a self-marketing agenda.  Time to get back on track.  I’ve picked up on the twitter again in the last couple weeks and am putting the blog back into my regular routine as well.  And with my requested manuscript revisions back in Joanna’s hands, resubmission on the horizon, I need to focus on this self-marketing thing more than ever!

Overall, summer break was exactly that – a break.  But just like the kids are heading back to school, my break time is over as well.  Time to get focused again.  Get my daily routine back on track, and mind these goals with a renewed sense of purpose.  (Enough of the pep-talk, I’ve got goals to work on!)


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