Elevator protocol


All children are unique and have imaginations that should be encouraged.  That said, my six year-old daughter gets on all fours and moos like a cow every time we get in an elevator.  And we aren’t talking a simple “moo-moo”.  No, this girl makes a horrible, loud echoing noise in the back of her throat that sounds very similar to a heifer in the throes of a painful death.

Even more, this is the final leg of an elevator evolution that began well over a year ago.  I can vividly recall being in the library elevator when my daughter’s special elevator behavior emerged. (The library elevator being a special treat if my kids behave while we browse the grown up section on the second floor – my son gets to push the outside button to call the elevator and my daughter gets to push the inside button to take us the single flight down to the kids level.  Oh the excitement.)  That first time, when the heavy doors slid shut, my daughter jumped up with legs spread and shouted, “Quick! Everyone act normal!”  Then she posed in a move that would make even the most limber contortionists proud and scrunched her face in the most obscure tongue-touching-nose mask I’ve ever seen.

That’s normal?” I asked while  my son belly-laughed next to me.

From there it became a challenge to find the craziest ways to ‘act normal’ in an elevator.  She’s been doing the dying cow impression for about four months now.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here:)


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