Checking in on those goals:)


This summer is getting away from me!  The 10th already?  Say it isn’t so… It’s past time to check on my goals, so let’s not waste another minute!

Goal 1.  Write a second novel – I changed this goal last month and what a difference it has made in my motivation!  Completing a sequel when the first book isn’t sold yet was just too trying on the old inspiration.  So, following the advice of the most fabulous agent ever, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (,  I started something new.  The result:  I’m close to 35,000 words on a work-in-progress that I actually enjoy writing!  The feel and excitement I felt when writing my first book is back and I’m loving every minute of it!  At this rate, I should have the first draft done before my next update! *crossing fingers on that one*

Goal 2.  More focused time with the kids – Summer is all about the kiddos!  In the two weeks since school has been out, we’ve done the zoo, gymnastics, cheer camp, basketball camp, started tutoring, joined reading and play groups, and attended a couple of birthday parties.  It’s been a whirlwind and a blast.  But the fun stuff isn’t all we’ve done as far as quality time: both kids asked for chores this summer to earn some money.  I’ve spent time with them cooking, cleaning, teaching my son to mow (I should take pics of the areas he’s done so far – not a straight line in the bunch!) and just talking.  They are really cool people and getting cooler everyday:)

Goal 3.  Publish 1 article a week for – I think I did ok on this goal.  It’s difficult to get motivated to produce for a site that offers little in the way of incentive.  I don’t mean to complain (never been a fan of folks who complain about their jobs when there are so many without them) it’s just a fact of the organization – a fact that they willingly admit to.  Still, I’m doing my best to plug away at the articles when I can, letting my friends and neighbors know what’s happening this summer:)

Goal 4.  Develop a self-marketing platform – Maintaining the status quo until more is necessary.  However … my agent sister, Sandy Williams (, has been generous in approaching me about starting a group blog.  The blog will be a collaboration of romance writers (or wannabe romance writers) offering excerpts, reviews, contests, etc.  So exciting and so much fun!  The group and site are in the developmental stages so be looking for it come early 2011!  (don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted:)

So that’s where I am.  The summer is underway, the busy season of life is upon me.  Making sure I keep focused is going to be a bit more difficult this month, but hey, who doesn’t love a challenge, right?


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