What I’m trying vs. what I’m accomplishing


While enjoying the never-ending wait-and-see that is part of the submission process, I have begun a couple new projects.  First and foremost is my novel attempt at breaching the YA (young adult) genre.  I’ve written the ‘easy’ scenes – the ones that came quickly to mind – but am now at a standstill.  I still love the story and the characters, and enjoy the world I’ve created, but the writing has become a struggle, as if I’m just filling in the empty spaces between the scenes I’ve already written.  

I’m sure there are many reasons for this shift in inspiration, but after almost five weeks of writing I’ve finally pinpointed my biggest obstacle to this story: every time I sit to continue writing this YA, a comic-mystery comes out.

How is this happening?  I have no idea.  I want to continue writing this YA –  I’ve planned it out, thought long and hard about the characters and the setting, I’ve even talked to my agent-extraordinaire about it and everything.  But none of that matters.  This comic-mystery is all that appears whenever I start to type.  In fact, the comic-mystery story is coming out so freely, so smoothly, that its hard to turn away from such temptation. 

Maybe I should just work on both.  Of course then I risk neither getting the attention the story deserves.  Maybe I should just put aside the YA.  But then all the time and energy I’ve put into outlining and plotting is pushed aside as well.

What to do, what to do…

At the end of the day, I don’t feel as if it’s even really my choice.  One story is being written and the other isn’t.  Let’s just hope that whatever ends up being created, is something worth creating:)


About Megan Powell

Coffee loving, boo-boo kissing, mom and fan-girl who also happens to be the author of Urban Fantasy novels, NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED and its sequel, NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED. Check out my upcoming releases at http://www.meganpowellbooks.com.

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  1. This sounds like a time to plan to alternate other writing day between the two stories. Just remember to plan what you’ll do next before stopping each time since anything you hold in your head will likely be replaced by all the new shiny ideas for the other story the following day.

    Or, if you’re more of a lets-let-the-fates-decide sort of writer, you could aways just flip a coin each day!


  2. I think it is great that you are writing at all. I find I am too busy keeping up my blogs, building media presence, networking …all in the name of making my first book Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women’s Stories a success that I have had NO time to get back to writing. Every time I resolve to sit down and work on the next book I get sidetracked. So it’s good that you are writing now. If you decide to try indie publishing or when it’s time to do book promotion you’ll have precious little time to write. So make the most of your time now.

    • The motivation isn’t always there, but I try to get something done everyday. How cool that you are to the marketing/already-been-published stage! Great for you and I hope to share your worries someday:)

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