Goal time!


May is already in full  swing and I’ve neglected to self-evaluate.  Shame on me;)  So let’s get to it:

Goal 1. Write a second novel in the No Peace for the Damned Magnolia Kelch series – I have about 15,000 words written, but haven’t worked on it for a while.  I talked with agent extraordinaire Joanna about my frustrated motivation for the sequel and her suggestion was to simply work on something else.  She totally understood my reluctance to continue in the series while awaiting feedback on submissions.  “So,” she said, “start something new.”  As usual, her advice was brilliant. I’ve started two new manuscripts and am having a ball!  One is a YA novel set in an elite boarding school, and the other is a comic-mystery.  I’ve enjoyed writing these so much that I think I’m going to change this goal.  Rather than writing a sequel, my goal now is to finish a second manuscript.  And if I get two done by the end of the year – even better!

Goal 2.  More focused time with the kids – April flew by so fast I can barely recall specific events!  I do know that with the weather warming up, the kids are more active than ever.  Trips to the park and library and zoo have become weekly occurences.  R and I picked up trash around the neighborhood during Earth Week, and we are at the soccer fields at least three times a week!  Crazy busy = great family time:)

Goal 3. Publish 1 article a week for examiner.com – Again, pretty sure I skipped a week last month, but made up for it by publishing two in one week.  Summer camps are in full registration mode, so plenty of fodder for the community sports column!

Goal 4. Develop a self-marketing platform – Still maintaining the streams and links I established at the beginning of the year.  No steps backward on this, so pretty happy with the status quo.

Summer is only three weeks away!  No school means more quality time with the kiddos! *yeah!* Now let’s see how that plays out with the writing goals….


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