Adding in the chaos


My husband and I stood in the garage watching as one side of the garage door tried to slide closed while the other side remained stuck at the top.  After a few seconds the whole thing jerked to a halt with a loud thud that made us both jump.  Stuck at a nice 45 degree angle, the wide door looked like a cock-eyed smile that made me want to slap something.

“Did I mention I’m taking the car in to the shop tomorrow because it keeps stalling out?” my husband asked.

This was the moment when inspiration struck me.  I have been trying to figure out the climatic scene for my second book but it just wasn’t feeling right.  At this moment, I realized what was wrong – there wasn’t enough chaos.  The most interesting moments in life are the chaotic ones.  When the garage door breaks, and the car breaks, and my daughter is crying because her pet pile of dirt won’t eat its dandelions, and my son shows up with cuts from where a bird bit him (still don’t know the whole story on that one) – these are the times when life is the most interesting.  And the most inspiring:)


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  1. Brilliant and so true! After enduring times of chaos, the peace that comes after is when I love my family the most and when we grow stronger together.

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