Time to check in on those pesky goals (again)


April is here:) Time for a little self-evaluation.

Goal 1. Write a second novel in my No Peace for the Damned, Magnolia Kelch series – I’ve gotten the 6 page synopsis done which helped a lot with the outline of the story.  But here’s the thing…my first novel is currently being read by publishers (thank you again agent-extraordinaire Joanna!) and while this should motivate me to get the second book well underway, it’s actually having the complete opposite effect.  The pessimist in me is screaming: progress on book two equals hope that something will really happen with book one.  Since I’m definitely a ‘don’t count your eggs’ type of gal, I can’t help but fret.

Goal 2.  More focused time with the kids – March was all about the kids and it was a blast!  With birthdays, Spring Break, sports and concerts, time was well spent with the kiddos:)  And now I need a nap.

Goal 3.  Publish 1 article a week for examiner.com – Okay, I think I missed a week in March so shame on me.  (and my bosses little ‘reminder’ note helped too)  But I’m back on track, parties are over, ready to get into the swing of spring!

Goal 4.  Develop self-marketing platform – Still a little off on this one.  I’ve managed to keep up with Twitter and blogs and stuff like that, but I’m kinda at a standstill.  I can see where the platform would be priority one if I were self-publishing or had a book that was ready to sell, but since I’m not there yet, I’ll just hang out with what I’ve got and try not to take any steps backward:)

So that was the last month.  Could have been better on meeting my goals, but hey, at least the kids had fun:)  Time to refocus and recharge and get moving forward!  *mental cheers for encouragement*


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  1. I love reading about how you’re doing on your goals. I might try this. Might keep me more accountable or something.

    And WOOHOO! for being on submission. Eeek! So exciting! Totally understand how it’s hard to concentrate on book 2. I was trying so hard to concentrate on writing my next book while I was talking to agents on my now rep’d book, but I got zero progress done, lol.

    The marketing platform thing is kind of hard, isn’t it? It’s like you know it’s so important, you want to get a jump-start on it because it might have a BIG influence over whether your book does well or not, but then, since the book is still around about 2 years from publication, there’s not really much to do.

  2. I am practically numb about the whole submission thing. Joanna is even more awesome than I realized and got the mss into publishers right away. Now is the waiting and I am SOOO not good at waiting!!! Glad to know that I’m not the only one who find the process a bit distracting:)

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