Time to check in on those goals


It’s the beginning of the month (just a little late), so time to see how those 2010 goals are coming along:

Goal 1. Write a second novel in my No Peace for the Damned, Magnolia Kelch series – Okay, didn’t do much with this in the month of February.  Why?  Mostly because I was given a deadline to finish the last round of edits to my first book.  The edits weren’t terribly time-consuming, but developing three brand new chapters kinda exhausted my creative concentration. 

Goal 2.  More focused time with the kids – This is an ongoing priority that needs to always be on the front burner.  The kids are more active than ever with basketball and cheerleading, so finding those extra little moments is becoming trickier.  March will be even worse with birthdays and Spring Break, but it will also give me a great opportunity for conversations.  I’ll keep plugging away on this one!

Goal 3.  Publish 1 article a week for examiner.com – So far, so good on this one.  The publication dates are running more towards the end of each week instead of the middle, but articles are still getting out there so check this one as good-to-go!

Goal 4.  Develop self-marketing platform – I’ve got the twitter thing down, but the more I learn about the drive behind a marketing platform, the more I realize that I am not really ready for the full-blown self-promotion thing.  I spoke with my agent about this, and have started following several really good blogs on how to promote a book, but the real push shouldn’t come until (and if) the book actually gets published.  So for now, I’ll continue collecting articles on the industry and maintain what I’ve already started.  At least that’s something.

So that’s where I am – charging into March like the lion I am:) Let’s hope these goals remain the priorities I need them to be so I don’t fizzle into a lamb by the end of the month!


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  1. heh I’m kind of at the same point you are with the self-marketing thing. I know it’s important, but I’m not close enough to publication to really get started on promoting my writing. So, I have a huge word document of tips and ideas for when I’m ready. Can’t wait to start implementing them!

    • My marketing list isn’t very long at this point. Its still an area I’m trying to gain information on. Any tips that you have heard work well, I’d love to hear:)

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