Relaxing weekends? Never heard of ’em.


I got out of bed this morning after a non-existent night of sleep, to the sounds of my 5-year-old and 7-year-old screaming at one another: “Stop pushing me!”/”You pushed me first!”/”Only because you tackled me!”/”You TOLD me to tackle you!”

I managed to halt all arguments with a roaring “KNOCK IT OFF!” (Gotta love the power of mom!) then started the coffee and pondered the day ahead.

At 10:30 my 7-year-old has a basketball game through a local church league. At 11:30 he has another basketball game through a different church league.  We are assuming that the two games will overlap and are simply hoping to make the second half of the second game.  At 12:45 my 5-year-old cheers with her cheerleading squad for a Kindergarten basketball team.  At 2:30 we are meeting my brother and sister and their families at my parent’s lake house to go sledding – again a late appearance is assumed since cheerleading never ends on time, and we will all have to eat lunch at some point.

Did I mention that my husband has strep throat?

It would be nice to think that maybe tomorrow we could relax a little, but with church in the morning, lunch with friends afterwards, and work on Sunday night, it doesn’t hold much hope.

That being said, my 5-year-old just walked in the room with a sweet-tart candy Valentine’s Day bracelet wrapped around the end of her hair like a pony-tail holder.  How the thing got wet, I have no idea.  “J keeps using the string on my new yo-yo like floss!”

I love it when the chaos starts without me!


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