Tracking those pesky goals


I was serious when I made my goals for 2010.  I’ve been hard at work with life and writing and here it is, one month down already.  Where do things stand in my quest for life-dream fulfillment?  Take a look:

Goal 1.  Write a second novel in my No Peace for the Damned Magnolia Kelch series – I submitted Chapter 2 of the series’ second book to my writer’s group for feedback.  Their response: needs work.  Where the prologue and first chapter had a steady mix of emotion and action, I don’t have enough happening in this second chapter.  I introduce a new character, but the conversation is flat and the story doesn’t really move forward.  Not to mention the chapter ending is weak.  (This is exactly why I LOVE my writer’s group!  They give me the reality of my work  before I make the mistake of thinking it’s actually good.)  I’ve started on the third chapter but haven’t done much with it for about two weeks.  Now I’m at that awkward point where I need to decide whether to correct chapter 2, or just keep moving forward.  Either way, I really need to get a move on it this month if I want it ready for submission by the end of the year:)

Goal 2. More focused time with the kids – Quality time with my kids is hard because what I consider quality and what they consider quality are two totally different things.  For example, I’d love to sit with my son and read with him, or have him help me fix dinner, or even play Battleship.  However, he’d much rather I sit and watch instant replays on his Wii  Madden 10 game – over and over again until I realize the true awesomeness that is Madden 10.  So these past couple weeks I’ve tried to just ‘listen’ to them.  What do they really want from me when we’re together?  Sounds easy enough but I’ve been a parent long enough to know that this whole parent/child relationship thing is just plain confusing and much harder than it looks.  Fortunately, the rewards are what makes life worth living.  True awesomeness for sure!

Goal 3. Publish 1 article per week for – Last week I published 2 articles for  (  So does that mean I don’t have to publish one this week to meet  my goal?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Goal 4. Develop self-marketing platform – I twitter now!  I was addicted to Facebook when I started using it, so I was somewhat prepared for the allure of twitter and am pacing myself well.  I am working my way through the ins and outs as more of a process than anything else.  I have connected with some awesome writers and even have a couple blogs I’m following now so the appeal level if definitely high. But I don’t want to jump in and drown when I don’t really know how to swim yet.  It’s a start, but I still have a long way to go on the whole personal marketing platform.

February is off to a distracting start, full of No Peace for the Damned book 1 revisions and under-the-weather kids, but I will not be daunted!  I will meet my goals for the year and be a better person for it, gosh darn it!  That said, I think I’ll get another cup of coffee.  This is going to be a long year:)


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  1. And, as my fabulous husband so aptly pointed out, working on my marriage is now and always will be a top priority and life-long goal! Love you, Babydoll!

  2. Good goals, but they are all about writing and being a good mom (which I think you already are!) What about a “Me as a Person” goal??? Self-examination is an extremely hard place to be honest. I want to be a nicer person. I mean a really nicer person to everyone. I am not that nice sometimes and am very critical and judgmental. Not sure that I can change that about me, but I can sure as hell be more aware. Listening to what and how you kids say things to others is a great reflection on you as a parent. Really listen to them when they think you are busy. It speaks volumes. Fortunately and unfortunately, I am my father’s child. However, that does not mean that I don’t have a lot of Maurine in me too. I just need to bring out the Momside and suppress the Dadside more. Good luck, Meg. You are on the right track!

    • Who told you you’re not nice?! Point ’em out and I’ll beat’em up!! Of course that’s probably just ME not being nice;P
      My list of personal development needs was simply too long for me to categorize so I decided to narrow the list and share those most quantifiable. Of course spending quality time with my kids isn’t exactly something I can quantify, but I REALLY wanted to focus on them this year. (of course Brian pouted that I needed to focus on HIM this year, but he’s basically a third child anyway) Thanks for the support, Barb! Your feedback is priceless!

      • Hey, you didn’t tell your writer’s group your new book title! I love “No Peace for the Damned.” It makes me want to flip the book open to Chapter 1. Oh, wait–I’ve already read it. Was “Magnolia Blooms” the old title for Book 2 or was that the Book 1 title?
        Hate to say so, but Babydoll is right. You wouldn’t have the kids if he hadn’t come first, so keep him first, after God that is. I know when my bro & I were kids, we felt secure when Mom & Dad were obviously happy with each other. Kissing! Eww, gross!
        (I have since changed my opinion on kisssing. )

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