Mandarin pork chops from a can … seriously!


I am NOT a good cook.  I try (last year I even discovered cooking with oil!) but really, my kids eat way more PB&J than any mother should admit.  But I have discovered one trick that actually tastes incredible, that uses ingredients we already have in the house, and – most importantly – that my entire family will eat.  The trick: canned mandarin oranges.

My kids rarely eat fresh oranges because those little white strings always get stuck in their teeth and that’s just gross.  So I started buying cans of mandarin oranges with natural juice.  (The cans with syrup instead of natural juice would probably taste better, but we are trying to be at least a little healthy here.) 

Looking to add something other than salt and pepper to our boneless pork chops one evening – because, seriously, salt and pepper are about as fancy as I know how to get when it comes to seasoning – I popped open a can of the oranges and poured them over the thawed out pork chops. After marinating in the fridge for about an hour, I cooked them on the stove with the juice in the pan.  I used medium-high heat and turned them every five minutes or so until they were done.

The result: the orange juice caramelized on the meat leaving them absolutely delicious!  Even my husband was impressed!  Of course, now I’m trying to add mandarin juice to everything.  (FYI – hamburgers just weren’t that good.)

So there you have it.  My one, and probably only, recipe suggestion.  And if it doesn’t work, the oranges are always a good side item for PB&J!


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