Spring sports? How about all year!


J finally got the courage to tell his dad that he really didn’t want to play baseball this spring.  This was a HUGE deal to the little guy!  He lives for Dad’s opinion (a little obsessive at time, but I’m told that’s normal) so when Dad finally asked him flat-out “Do you want to play this year?” J shook his head and said, “No daddy, I don’t.”  May not seem like much, but it was a huge deal to a 7-year-old.  I’m so proud of his courage!

So anyway, I decided to look for something else for him to do in the spring.  Soccer was a no-go, so what was left?  I found some martial arts facilities – check out the examiner.com article! – but he was worried about hurting his hand when he tried to break a board.  Gotta love the mind and worries of a second grader:)


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