I can’t write anymore.  It’s like the story that I had to tell, I’ve replayed in my head so much that it bores me now.  I know how the story ends.  I know all the plot twists and romantic connections.  I’ve realize every situation I wanted to realize.  And now…no interest in writing it anymore.

The problem: I’ve only completely the first of the five book series.  I’ve writtent he first couple chapters of the second, but again, there’s no more wonder for me since I have a built-in spoiler.  So now what?

My husband thinks I should start on another series, another idea I’ve been playing with for a while.  I suppose I could, but it seems more … logical… to get the first series done before moving on to the next.  This is where my writer’s group comes into play.  My motivators.  As long as they push me, SOMETHING will get done.


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