Doing what was necessary


I got a handful of articles printed in the Southside Challenger.  I could have asked for money, but I didn’t.  Somehow it didn’t feel right to ask for payment, even a small payment, to write a 500 word column about the things I deal with everyday.  I wrote about my son’s basketball league, about educational assistant for elementary student who don’t qualify for in-school programs (i.e. they don’t score low enough for the provided school programs), about priorities when dealing with children in the car, about how to deal with children who have nightmares, all things that were just a part of my daily life.  I’m sure people would disagree with me, but this type of writing didn’t feel like work; it felt like homework – so I didn’t ask for compensation.

Of course if I’d actually enjoyed that type of writing, I might have felt different.  I did what seemed necessary to get those initial writing credentials, but I hated writing those articles.  They were boring stories about boring things.  At least it felt that way to me.  So with my first printed articles behind me I decided to focus all my effort on my book.  Supernatural heroines and spawn-of-evil bad guys…now this was fun writing:)


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