Midwest Writer’s Workshop: totally worth it!!


After spending the weekend at the MWW at Ball State University I have come away with such an overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed I’m not sure where to even begin.  The information provided by the array of experienced speakers was invaluable and insightful while also being direct, and somewhat daunting.  Being an extremely green writer, this was my first workshop and I walked away with information overload swelling my head into a two-day migraine.  (Hence the blog wasn’t started until nearly a week later.)  But now that I’ve let the neurons settle and the flood of direction is waning into logical streams of coherency, I can make out a clearer path of where to go from here.  I went to the workshop with the question “I wrote a book, so what do I do now?” and have walked away with an answer.  Thank you MWW and Jama Bigger for answering my first question and the thousands that have popped up since!


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